Heritage Lane Farms has been delivering top quality roasting chickens to private customers and fine meat markets since 2003.  We are dedicated to supporting our customers’ happy, healthy lifestyles through a superior product and friendly, personal customer service.  And we are dedicated to supporting our chickens’ happy, healthy lifestyles through progressive and sustainable animal husbandry.

We raise our chickens on a custom blend of feed that contains no animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics.  Our chickens are never caged, and at the first sign of summer we throw open the barn doors and let them range outside.  In consultation with the University of Manitoba, we have developed a program that allows our birds to grow at a natural, healthy pace.  We enjoy this wholesome, natural approach to raising our chickens, and our customers tell us that it results in the best-tasting chicken they’ve ever had!

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HLF Box 544
Blumenort, Manitoba
Canada R0A 0C0
email: sales@heritagelanefarms.ca