Welcome to Heritage Lane Farms.

We have been farming for almost fourteen years now, the last twelve at our present location north of Steinbach, Manitoba.

We began farming with a few sheep, a huge garden and a flock of laying chickens. We quickly realized that we couldn’t find a great tasting roasting chicken like my mother used to make. So we set out to raise our own farm fresh chickens.

We began by feeding our chickens screenings from grain cleaning, table scraps, and prepared feed from a local feed mill. In good weather, we let them outside to forage for their own food.

AlbertAs demand for our chickens grew, we knew we wanted to increase our production without sacrificing our old-fashioned approach to raising our birds.  Together with the local feed mill, we developed a ration which is totally free of any animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. In consultation with the University of Manitoba, we learned to manage our chickens’ protein intake and exposure to natural and artificial light to allow them to grow at a natural, healthy pace.

We’re always working to provide the healthiest environment for our chickens. Each chicken is given ample room to run around and enjoy its surroundings. At the earliest signs of summer, we throw open the barn doors and let the chickens range outside.

We are committed to our chickens’ health and to your health, too.  That is why every single one of our chickens passes under the watchful eye and scrutiny of an inspector from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Now we feel that our great tasting and healthy chicken is ready for the rest of Manitoba to enjoy.  We use the utmost care in raising our chickens to our exacting standards. We trust that you will enjoy the fresh and wholesome flavour of our local farm roasting chickens.

Albert Peters-Pries
Proprietor, Heritage Lane Farms

HLF Box 544
Blumenort, Manitoba
Canada R0A 0C0
email: sales@heritagelanefarms.ca