Many of our customers are concerned about the great distances their food travels before it ends up on their plates. They are interested in getting closer to the source of their food. Buying locally produced foods supports a local farmer, secures your food source, and eases the burden on our earth.

Here at Heritage Lane Farms we are always trying to localize our inputs. We work closely with a feed mill that is just three miles west of our farm. Together with them we have developed a custom feed ration free of animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. We buy our chicks from a hatchery that is also just three miles away – to the south, this time. The government inspected abbatoir where our chickens are processed is 18 miles from our farm. And our farm itself is only 45 miles – that’s 75 kms – from Winnipeg and 7 miles – about 11 kms – from Steinbach.

As you can see, if you live near Winnipeg or Steinbach, our Heritage Lane Farms roasting chickens make a great addition to your ‘100 mile diet’ shopping cart. We invite you to drop by any of the great meat shops listed on our Retailers page to pick up your fresh roasting chicken today.
And if someone can tell us why it’s called the 100 mile diet and not the 160 km diet when it was “invented” by a couple of Canucks from Vancouver, please let us know!

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